We are working on the following mods for our 2011 Cruze 1.4L turbo Automatic:

  • ZZP 1.0 PCM- The trans computer (TCU) is inside the trans so we can not do the raised shift points and line pressure without having the car in person.  (+30whp and 60ft lbs)
  • Stainless o2 housing  (pre mid pipe)- takes about a half hour to install. (+8hp)
  • Stainless mid pipe- available offroad or catted and will take about a half hour to install. (+4hp)
  • Aluminum Intake tube- It will take about a 15 minutes to install.  It made 12hp on the stock computer because it leans out the AFR and bumps the boost, but going from a tuned computer to the tuned computer with this tube it will give you about 5-6hp.
  • Intercooler- the stock intercooler is so horrible, that we will not be making upgraded charge tubes/Intercooler pipes for it.  We offer a ZZP upgraded front mount intercooler with IC pipes.  It takes about 3-5 hours to install.  With the factory IC after one pull the charge temps were 70 degrees above ambient, after we fabbed a quick front mount intercooler, the same pull ended up with 1 degree above ambient.  This was with a temp probe mounted inside the factory intake manifold.

I understand that most of the HP #s that I mentioned are in the single digits, but considering that our test car started with 116whp, these gains are noticeable!