L36 SS M90 Install Kit
VIN :xxxYourVinHerexxx

Year of your car:1999
Model:Grand Prix
Option 1:Coil adapter & iron bracket
Option 2:Send me a PCM first $100 deposit
Option 3:I am going to run GTP injectors  


Ported & machined lower intake
Engine:Gen 3 blower (L67)
Model:SS intake for L36 M90 conversion
Core charge:Refundable core
Option 1:Add Intake Gasket
Option 2:top machining only  


ZZP billet fuel logs
Model:L36 SS M90 kit
Color:Clear logs
Option 1:Fuel Lab Blue regulator  


33# GM injectors
Option 1:None selected  


Ported M90 Supercharger
Year of your car:98+
Core charge:Complete blower core
Option 1:Mod’d for use on SS L36 kit
Option 2:7 oz of GM s/c oil  


Fuel Pump rewire kit


Alternator Voltage Booster
Model:Stage 1  


Modular pulleys
Size: 4.0 for SS kit
Color: Black or Clear


Sub Total: $2,202.95


This is a complete list of what is needed, cores included.


Highly recommended:

  • ZZP downpipe (pretty much required)
  • Stock or Ported stage 1 L67 throttlebody. (better performance than using a L36 tb, but must be programmed into the PCM)
  • 180 thermostat
  • Possibly even a bigger fuel pump (if needed.  Scanning or dynoing the car when done is highly recommend, to make sure the setup is going to last.)

If you are planning on running your stock injectors you should select a 4.2” pulley, if you are going to run the L67 or larger injectors, you can run a 4.0” pulley.

If you add more supporting mods, please email us for recommended pulley sizes.


Remember L36 bottomends are higher compression, so you will have to run a pulley .3 larger than a standard L67 car, BUT you will make the same power.